Rust how to host a server

In this guide, you will learn how to host a Rust server in just a few minutes, using our CaliberPanel. No hosting experience is needed!

What is rust?

Rust’s goal is to survive in the wilderness using gathered or stolen items. Players need to manage hunger, thirst, good health, or face deadly danger.

Rust game is being so popular that it peaks over 100k players at same time! So why not create your own server and have fun with your friends?

Let’s get started right now on how to host a rust server just under a few minutes!

First of all you will need a host with (game management panel). We CaliberServers offer all of it with:

  • Unmatched and cost-effective services.
  • Where hosting is a pleasure.
  • 10+ years combined of hosting experience.
  • 48h money back guarantee.
  • Unparallel support against competitors.
  • New hardware every year.
  • Low ping around the world.

We host the top servers of some other communities/games so you will be well taken cared of with us!

Take a look at our CaliberPanel where you will be able to manage everything of your awesome Rust server:


We have a beautifully designed control panel so you can easily administer your server from any place.

  • Browser file management.
  • Create databases.
  • Console input.
  • Fully control your game server.
  • Scheduled commands.
  • Etc…

Cool right? CaliberServers have it’s own server as well using our hardware and network. We have daily 100 pop so we really know what we sell to our clients.