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100% premium satisfaction guarantee.
High performance & zero-lag.
Global low latency network.
10+ years combined of hosting experience.
48h money back guarantee.
Unparallel support against competitors. 
New hardware every year.

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Gaming dedicated servers.

Gaming dedicated servers are for those who want to take hosting to the next level! Extremely powerful and thoroughly tailored to suit your needs for demanding workloads.

DDR4/5 ECC gaming RAM.
Latest Intel/AMD CPUs.
Full root access.
Premium & unmetered bandwidth.
Dedicated network uplink.
12+Tbit/s Anycast DDoS protection.
Up to 16cores/32threads - 3.80Ghz/5.20GHz.
The ultimate gaming experience.
CaliberServers Gaming Dedicated Servers
CaliberServers Anycast DDoS Protected Network

Global low latency network.

CaliberServers has one of the most advanced 12+Tbit/s network in the world, with complete Anycast support and extensive DDoS protection.

High performance against any DDoS attack.
Fully redundant.
State-of-the-art firewall.
Unique mitigation strategies.
Custom-made filters.
Our network capacity is always growing.

Supported operating systems.

Check below the supported operating systems we can install.

Ubuntu Gaming Dedicated Servers

Ubuntu OS

Windows Gaming Dedicated Servers

Windows server OS

Debian Gaming Dedicated Servers

Debian OS

CentOS Gaming Dedicated Servers


Which games do you need to rent a Gaming dedicated server for?


The market's most popular multiplayer sandbox game. Manage your Minecraft servers and add all the mods you need. All of the largest Minecraft servers use a Gaming dedicated server.


In this survival sandbox game, you may play as a Viking and then explore and construct your world. Install your favorite mods and personalize your server as you want. All of the largest Valheim servers use a Gaming dedicated server.


A tactical shooter that emphasizes teamwork, strategy, and gunplay. Run private games of CS:GO. Performance and fluidity are optimized for your tournaments. All of the largest CS:GO servers use a Gaming dedicated server.

Ark Survival Evolved.

Explore maps with dinosaurs eager to devour you. Domesticate them and then teach them to guard you and gather resources without worrying about whether or not your server is functioning correctly. All of the largest Ark Survival Evolved servers use a Gaming dedicated server.


Survival is the sole goal in Rust. The fauna and the environment, and other survivors all want for your demise. Do everything you must to survive another night. Add modifications freely, modify your server's content, create missions, and host your community, modded or vanilla, with up to a thousand people. All of the largest Rust servers use a Gaming dedicated server.

Garry's Mod.

Take full use of Garry's Mod source engine. Create mods freely for a unique gameplay experience, and host a community of hundreds of gamers. All of the largest Garry's Mod servers use a Gaming dedicated server.

Arma 3 & Arma Reforger.

Become the most popular Arma community by using our Gaming dedicated server equipped to support hundreds of hours of activity and lag-free gameplay. All of the largest Arma 3 & Arma Reforger servers use a Gaming dedicated server.

DayZ Standalone.

Surviving is the sole aim. Try to survive zombies, disease, and starvation by creating an avatar and gathering resources like weapons and food. Become the ruler of DayZ server hosting with our Gaming dedicated server and launch your modded or vanilla server. All of the largest DayZ servers use a Gaming dedicated server.


The whole world is at your fingertips as you struggle for survival, money, and glory. Explore vast vistas, hunt down ever-greater adversaries to put your skills to the test in battle, or build your city. All of the largest Terraria servers use a Gaming dedicated server.


Build and Rescue Join a world where you design, create and pilot your own air sea rescue service. Release your inner hero as you battle fierce storms out at sea to rescue those in need. All of the largest Stormworks servers use a Gaming dedicated server.


Design your factory using your ideas, combining essential parts to create inventive constructions, and eventually protecting it from the aliens that don't like you! All of the largest Factorio servers use a Gaming dedicated server.


First-person open-world industrial construction game with a hint of exploration and fighting. Explore an extraterrestrial planet alone or with your pals, build multi-story factories, and enter conveyor belt heaven! All of the largest Satisfactory servers use a Gaming dedicated server.

GTAV (FiveM/RageMP/RedM/Alt:V).

Get the most out of the GTA V engine. Add modifications & mods freely, customize your server's content, create missions, and host your community of up to a thousand people. All of the largest FiveM/RageMP/RedM/Alt:V servers use a Gaming dedicated server.

Etc... This is not a complete list of the titles our Gaming dedicated servers support. You can use our service if your game supports Windows/Linux. 

Frequently asked questions.

Why CaliberServers?

At CaliberServers, we pride ourselves on having the reliable DDoS protected services available. In addition, as gamers ourselves, we know exactly what goes into creating a high performance & zero-lag hosting service. Click here to read all the reasons you should choose us, instead of the competition.

Confused about what to choose?

We have made the perfect article for you, where we explain all the differences between the service Managed game server hostingGaming VPS and Gaming dedicated serversas well as getting started with CaliberServers. Click here to read this article.

Is trial available?

Yes. We offer a trial, although only available on the Managed game server hosting service. Type the code "TRIALSERVICE" before checkout to have two full days of trial time. No payment is needed.

I'm using another provider.

We want the best for our customers, so if you are using another provider currently, we will offer you a discount to move to CaliberServers.

Do you have a knowledge base?

Yes, we do! We have an extensive one to help you with all the things to do with managing your service with us! Click here to read our knowledge base.