Gaming Virtual Dedicated Servers

  • 100% premium satisfaction guarantee
  • High performance & low ping
  • Unparallel support against competitors
  • 10+ years combined of hosting experience
  • 12 Terabits per second Anycast DDoS protection
  • New hardware every year

StalkerZ DayZ

Servers are delivered quickly, and ready to give you and your players the best and highest-performance experience possible. We’ve backed CaliberServers from the beginning. We wouldn’t use any other hosting company.

A great place to rent dedicated servers. We have been using CaliberServers services for around 1 year or so now. We have been delighted with the service and the constant level of well-maintained support.

Rearmed DayZ

Kryptic DayZ

The best game server hosting provider. We moved Kryptic servers to CaliberServers 8 months ago from OVH. Perfect performance, quick support, and amazing uptime. Strongly recommend.

Caliber offers excellent service with reasonable prices, and their support is better than any other hosting provider we tried. We recommend Caliber services to anyone looking to get a server.

Axy Minecraft

Take a look inside

CaliberPanela clean and easy control panel for stress free game server hosting experience, with all the features you need. Some of our features below:

• Full FTP access & browser file management.
• Sub-user login.
• Create databases.
• Real time console logs.
• Scheduled commands.
• Start, stop & restart servers.
• Usage statistics.

The better deal

12 Terabits per second Anycast DDoS protection

We have one of the most sophisticated networks worldwide with Anycast DDoS protection. In case of a DDoS attack, players are not aware of anything! Click here to read more about our DDoS protection.

Always online

As gamers ourselves, we understand the frustration of downtime. You can rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to maintain the highest possible uptime rates as close to 100%

No noisy neighbors/over-selling

We utilize only up to 55% of the system's resources and provide dedicated cores for each client to ensure everyone enjoys their service.

Easy backups

Don't worry about losing files or if a "nuke" strikes! You can make offsite backups of your service and revert your service to the latest backup you made.

Premium locations

New York is the perfect location latency-wise for North America and Western-Europe, while Germany is best suited for Western-Europe and Eastern-Europe due to its central location.

100% NVMe SSDs powered

Our clients deserve nothing but excellence, which is why we only use NVME SSDs on our services, allowing for first-class read and write speeds.

Ready to host your game server? :)

Our dedication to quality has won the trust of many well-known brands in the gaming industry. We're rated Excellent 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot & Google.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a DDoS protection case study?

We have a case study about the Kryptic DayZ server that got a 940 Gigabits per second DDoS attack. Click here to read this case study.

Do you have a knowledge base?

We have an extensive one to help you with all the things to do with managing your service with us! Click here to see our knowledge base.

Confused about what to choose?

We have made the perfect article for you, explaining all the differences between all our services and getting started with CaliberServers. Click here to read this article.

Do you own hardware?

Yes, you can check some pictures & videos of our gaming hardware on our Discord.

How do I benefit from using CaliberServers?

We have made the perfect article for you, showing all the benefits from using CaliberServers. Click here to read this article.

Can I use Windows OS?

Yes, as long you bring your license. Only Windows Server 2019 Standard is supported on our services.

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