Uptime & Service level agreement of CaliberServers

We enterprise to apply to make your use of our services as awesome and revel in as possible. We aim to try to do this within the following ways; however, our services are provided "as if" and that we don't guarantee to supply our services per the following:


During our office hours, we aim to supply a 8-hour latent period for support requests submitted and a 24-hour time interval for support requests submitted outside our office hours. This support is guaranteed as a part of our services. Our technical support team is ready to help you with issues directly caused by us, but not third-party software-related issues. We provide support via our monitored ticket network and our monitored live chat system. Support isn't provided outside of those channels. 


For our game hosting services, we backup all servers for data redundancy/safety purposes. Clients don't have access to those backups as they're for the back-end only. Clients can create and restore backups on our panel. For all other services, backups aren't created. It's the customers responsibility to backup their data regularly.


We aim to provide 99.99% uptime across all our services. However, certain situations may cause servers to go offline, like hardware-related/network issues/data center issues, etc... And these are unavoidable. You want to take them into account when using our services. 

Hardware replacement

In the rare event that hardware results in a fault or failure, we aim to source and replace the faulty hardware within 72-hours from the incident if possible, but this could take longer thanks to unforeseen situations, so we do not guarantee this timescale. 

For business clients

We will guarantee a 100% monthly network, power, and cooling availability to our dedicated servers. 

Credit chart:

1 hour downtime 5%

2 hours downtime 10%

3 hours downtime 20%

4 hours downtime4 30%

5 hours downtime 40%

6+ hours downtime 50%

Terms of SLA

• CaliberServers extends this SLA to its direct clients only. CaliberServers isn't chargeable for a downtime caused by a reseller of its services. 

• SLA credit is calculated from the time a ticket is opened regarding the difficulty to when the problem is resolved. 

• Any customer account that has been out of excellent standing on payments three times isn't eligible for SLA credits. 

• All SLA claims must be made within seven days of the network downtime. 

• In no way does the  CaliberServers SLA include software. It doesn't qualify in any way for an SLA credit. 

• Any failure outside the CaliberServers network itself, including bandwidth carrier outages, isn't eligible for SLA credit. 

• Scheduled maintenance of caliberservers network isn't eligible for any SLA credit. 

CaliberServers SLA is subject to vary or revision unexpectedly.

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